To Woo Amazon, Cities Are Pulling Out All the Stops

With Amazon’s recent announcement that it plans to open another headquarters in North America, cities and development agencies across the continent are springing into action. Efforts to court the company range from serious to hilarious, with one group even sending CEO Jeff Bezos a giant cactus.

Sounds painful.

Proposals for the new headquarters, dubbed HQ2, are due Oct. 19. The company is looking for an area with a population over 1 million people that can attract good technical talent.

Cities vying for Amazon’s heart include Tucson, AZ; Birmingham, AL; Stonecrest, GA; Danbury, CT; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; New York; parts of Canada; numerous cities in Texas; and… drumroll please… the San Francisco Bay Area!

The Bay “won't be including any cacti” in its incentive package, quipped a spokesman for the Bay Area Council. “But we may throw in a pinot."

Find out what each city is doing to entice Amazon here



Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 05:22

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