An Update on California’s Raging Wildfires

The death toll from California’s wildfires is mounting. Twenty-three people are believed dead and hundreds missing as firefighters battle 22 large blazes across the state. Together, they have already burned more than 170,000 acres.

The Canyon 2 Fire in Orange County had burned 8,000 acres and was 45% contained as of Wednesday according to CalFire’s website. In Northern California, fires spanning eight counties have forced tens of thousands to evacuate.

More than 3,500 structures have been destroyed in the wine country fires. Widespread breathing difficulties are also being reported across the region as a result of the thick smoke permeating the air. Entire towns like Calistoga and Geyserville were emptied out by mandatory order.

It’s “like somebody dropped a bomb on our lives,” one NorCal resident said.

The Los Angeles Times and CBS have more on this story. Also visit CalFire’s website for updates. 


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