Most Cities in Santa Clara Have Either Banned or Severely Restricted Recreational Pot

A number of cities and counties in California are balking at full implementation of Prop. 64 and enacting tight restrictions or bans of their own ahead of legalization of recreational weed. It turns out Santa Clara County is among them.

The Mercury News reports that most local governments in the region have already passed bans on medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, or both. And more could be coming.

Saratoga adopted an ordinance banning all cannabis sales and outdoor cultivation this summer. San Jose also prohibits outdoor grows and could pass more restrictions next year. In Sunnyvale, non-medical commercial activity was also banned in a vote on Sept. 26.

Then there's Cupertino. As CalMarijuanPolicy reported in September, the city has extended its moratorium on marijuana for another year. Los Gatos has put the kibosh on both recreational and medical marijuana sales, cultivation and transportation citing public safety concerns. Campbell has also been hesitant to open its doors up to pot.

Is there room for marijuana advocates' optimism? Always.

Matt Lucero, founder and director of Buddy’s Cannabis in San Jose, says he believes the city will soon loosen some of its restrictions, for instance. Sunnyvale is also likely to at least revisit the issue at a later date. But for now, cities are nervous. And nerves mean eschewing Prop. 64 until they're sure they know what they’re getting into -- and how.



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