Morro Bay Officials Pine for “Disruptive” Planning Commissioner's Ouster

Morro Bay Planning Commissioner Richard Sadowski says a number of city officials want him gone. But he plans to stay put and ‘exercise his constitutional rights’ to criticize the city, even if that means earning the ire of his colleagues.

The Commissioner alleges that City Manager Martin Lomeli and Councilman Robert “Red” Davis recently asked him to step down. Davis hasn’t confirmed it’s true but Lomeli has.

“I believe as a commissioner he should set an example of public discourse, and (in my opinion) his behavior was disruptive at that meeting,” Lomeli said, referring to a raucous public discussion on Sept. 26. “I’ve been in local government 30-plus years. I’ve never seen a planning commissioner purposely disregard the policies of the city in this manner.”

The public comment pertained to a $150 million wastewater treatment plant, which Sadowski has been extremely critical of. During his speech, Sadowski accused the city of putting on a “charade.” When he was asked to step down from the podium for time, he initially refused, instead trying to call a point of order. Sadowski finally left after a police officer asked him to “respect the process.”

Watch the video of the exchange here



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