Morro Bay Council Will Discuss Planning Commissioner’s Fate

The Morro Bay City Council will discuss possible removal of planning commissioner Richard Sadowski at a meeting later this month. A proposal to add the discussion to the agenda was put forth by Mayor Jamie Irons Tuesday. She first polled the rest of the dais.

We recently covered city officials’ growing frustration with Sadowski. It apparently stems from his behavior during public comments on Sept. 26 pertaining to a $150 million wastewater treatment plant. A video of the exchange can be seen here.

According to Sadowski, former Interim City Manager Martin Lomeli and Councilman Robert Davis both asked him to resign after the Sept. 26 meeting. Davis has denied that. Lomeli said he did ask Sadowski to consider it, given the inappropriate behavior he displayed.

“I’ve never seen a planning commissioner purposely disregard the policies of the city in this manner,” Lomeli explained.

Sadowski says Tuesday’s actions by the city council were predictable.

“I’m not surprised that they would quietly try to get me to voluntarily resign, and if I didn’t go quietly, then they would go about it this way.”


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