Mike Webb Selected as Davis City Manager

Davis, California has named a successor for retiring city manager Dirk Brazil. During a closed session Tuesday, the city council voted 5-0 to give the job to assistant city manager Mike Webb, pending formal approval at its meeting next Tuesday.

Brazil is stepping down on Jan. 12 after three years. If everything goes as planned, his title will be handed to a man with plenty of experience and intimate knowledge of Davis’ government.

In addition to his role as assistant city manager, Webb has served as director of community development and sustainability for the past four years. He’s been with Davis for two decades, holding a number of key positions in community and economic development.

“Mike has demonstrated a keen understanding of critical issues faced by the city,” Mayor Davis said. “As assistant city manager, he has led critical initiatives related to housing, the update of the Core Area Specific and General Plans, and the renters’ ordinance. Mike has worked hard to communicate the city’s needs to the university as it engages its Long Range Development Plan."

“Mike knows Davis, is respected by community members across the spectrum of views, and is a good listener. We are fortunate to have a stellar internal candidate who is highly qualified for the role. The entire City Council is proud to offer him the position to be the next Davis city manager.”

Webb will face a number of tough decisions as city manager. Davis is currently facing a budget deficit of up to $450 million thanks to ballooning infrastructure and retirement costs.


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