Feds Accuse Pomona Police of Brutality and Cover-Up

Federal prosecutors have charged three Pomona Police Officers with civil rights violations and lying to federal authorities in a beating incident that took place in September of 2015. Cpl. Chad Jensen, Officer Prince Hutchinson, and Sgt. Michael Neaderbaomer were arraigned Thursday and pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. A trial has been scheduled for Dec. 19.

The incident involved an unarmed teen by the name of Christian Aguilar. It was partly captured on video.

According to prosecutors, Cpl. Jensen attacked the boy after he began recording the officers’ arrest of his father with his phone. Amateur video recorded by another person shows Aguilar being hit twice in the face, while keeping both of his arms at his side. Jensen and Hutchinson then lied about the version of the events in their police reports, prosecutors say. Neaderbaomer, who was assigned to the internal affairs department, allegedly tried to discourage the family from filing a complaint and lied to FBI investigators about the incident.

Jensen’s attorney Michael Schwartz says the video only tells part of the story. He’s confident his client will be exonerated.

If convicted, the officers could face up to 50 years in prison.



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