Alameda Holds Off On Controversial City Manager Evaluation, Votes to Investigate Council Members Instead.

Alameda City Council members gathered Tuesday for what was supposed to be a performance evaluation of city manager Jill Keimach. Instead, they ended up voting to investigate the two council members who had allegedly threatened her ouster.

In accordance with the city attorney’s recommendation, Keimach’s review has been postponed. The city’s focus is now on whether or not Vice Mayor Malia Vella and City Councilman Jim Oddie tried to pressure Keimach to hire Domenick Weaver, an Alameda fire captain and union leader, for the job.

Under Alameda’s City Charter, the hiring of key personnel is the sole responsibility of the city manager. If Keimach’s allegations are true, it could be grounds for Oddie and Weaver’s removal from office.

Tuesday’s vote for an independent investigation was unanimous.



Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 05:22

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