Stockton Is Moving Its City Hall

Stockton employees are getting some new digs!

City council members have approved a plan to relocate from their historic home of over 90 years and into the Waterfront Towers at 501 W. Weber Avenue. The plan, which was approved 6 to 1, includes the $13.6 million purchase plus another $11 million in additions to the new City Hall.

The city is going to save money from this deal. The current building on El Dorado is in need of an estimated $50 million in renovation and repairs.

Officials have been talking about relocating City Hall for about a decade. The current abode is small, its old, its rickety, and the parking sucks.

If all goes as planned, the city would start the acquisition at the start of 2018, but it would still take several more to get people moved in. They plan to turn the old City Hall into a museum.


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