San Diego Ok's Pot Manufacturing and Testing Within City Limits

It was a big day for the commercial cannabis industry in San Diego Monday, as city council members weighed approval of marijuana cultivation, distribution and testing within city limits. Ultimately, by a 6 to 3 vote, the council decided it would, approving a set of new regulations to govern the “supply side” of the bourgeoning cannabis industry.

Under the new rules, 40 businesses in light and heavy industrial zones may obtain conditional use permits to manufacture and test cannabis products in San Diego. Separate rules for the city’s 11 marijuana dispensaries are already in place and were not part of Monday’s discussions.

Council Members Lori Zapf, Chris Cate, and Scott Sherman voted against the measure.

"I can’t believe this is the message we’re sending to our kids,” said Zapf in a speech that elicited boos from marijuana advocates in attendance. “I just won’t have any part of it.”

Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman initially wanted an all-out ban on commercial pot, citing increased criminal activity surrounding the legal dispensaries the city already has. She has since come around on some of the testing facilities only.

Read more about Monday’s vote here


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