Find Out Where the Bay’s Cities and Counties Stand on Pot

Through its deference to cities and counties, Proposition 64 has created a patchwork of local marijuana regulations that can sometimes be downright confusing to marijuana consumers. Some municipalities are opening their doors to pot across the board, while others are just getting around to medical marijuana. Many others have banned commercial pot activity altogether.

For those in the Bay Area, the question, “Where does my city/county stand on pot?” just got a whole lot easier to answer. The San Francisco Chronicle has created a database for all 114 cities and counties laying out their marijuana rules, both recreational and medical. It’s available via their new site on all things cannabis called Green State

These explainers are helpful, especially since so many local government websites fail to update their information adequately and in a timely manner. Here’s a taste of what the Chronicle found:

• Fifteen Bay Area cities and counties have operational medical cannabis dispensaries.

• One Bay Area city has created recreational store licensing.

• Forty-three Bay Area cities and counties have permanent bans or moratoriums on outdoor grows for personal use.

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