America’s Best Towns

Everyone thinks their town is pretty cool. But only 25 were great enough to make Outside Online’s list of the best towns in 2017, and that includes a couple in California.

What makes Outside Online so special? Well, the outdoor lifestyle magazine say it’s done it’s research. They formed a Special Advisory Council and scoured three decades of coverage to rank these cities. Of course, they’re partial to towns with plenty of outdoor exploits like biking, hiking and climbing.

Here’s a partial list, but be sure to check out the entire piece.

1. Bend, Oregon

Why: The outdoor activities -- from trails to climbing routes, bike parks and more.

2. Portland, Maine

Why: The food!

3. Salida, Colorado

Why: Again, outdoor activities. Bolstered by picturesque mountains.

4. Saint Petersburg, Florida

Why: Beaches galore.

5. Charleston, South Carolina

Why: Old timey charm.

6. Bishop, California

Why: Rock climbing, yo.

7. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Why: An abundance of culture.

8. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Why: A plethora of public spaces make this a family-friendly place to live.

9. Dayton, Ohio

Why: Cultural vibrancy and an economic comeback.

10. Missoula, Montana

Why: Natural beauty.

San Luis Obispo also made the list thanks to its awesome food and beaches.

Rankings compiled by Outside Online.

List compiled by Outside Online.


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