Water Throwing Incident Prompts Citizen’s Arrest by Westminster Councilman

A Westminster woman got more than she bargained for when she threw a glass of water in the face of a city councilman during a fundraiser last week in Little Saigon.

Westminster Councilman Tyler Diep was attending the event for his colleague Kimberly Ho on June 8. Some of the guests were singing karaoke and, apparently, Diep got a little loud during one woman’s set. The woman, Thuy-Hahn Nguyen, confronted him when she was done, telling him it was rude to talk so loudly while she was trying to sing. She stormed off, the OC Register reports. But it didn’t end there.

Shortly before 9 p.m., Diep got up to leave and walked toward the entrance – where Nguyen was waiting for him and threw a glass of water in his face, Diep said.

“I was very shocked after she threw water at my face,” the councilman said. “I didn’t know what triggered such outrageous behavior.”

Diep said that if that was the end of the incident, he may have let things go.

But “she showed no sign of remorse,” Diep said, “and even bragged about her criminal behavior on stage after the fact.”

Diep made a citizen’s arrest, holding the woman until police arrived on the scene. She was cuffed and taken to the station on suspicion of assault and battery and cited. The District Attorney’s Office will now review the case and decide whether any criminal charges should be filed.

In the future, Diep hopes the woman will think twice about the way she handles a karaoke faux pas.

“I hope that she now understands that it is unacceptable to assault another person,” Diep said, “and that her actions have consequences.”


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