Local Governments in Sacramento: It’s a Man’s World

Just two of Sacramento County’s 18 cities, Loomis and Elk Grove, have a female top administrator at the helm. There are only two female mayors as well: Marylou Powers in Galt and Susan Rohan in Roseville. Out of the highest-paid employees throughout the region, nearly all are men. The two exceptions were in Elk Grove and Isleton. In the City of Sacramento, 89 of the 100 highest-paid employees are male.

Despite impressive gains for women in the private sector, “the upper echelons of city government in the Sacramento region remain boys’ clubs,” notes the Sacramento Bee. The newspaper recently crunched employment and salary data to reveal the enormous gender disparities persisting in local government.

The region isn’t sitting idly by. Sacramento, for instance, is poised to hire a new diversity and equity manager who will concentrate on attracting and retaining well-paid female talent. The position was backed by Councilwoman Angelique Ashby.

See a breakdown of all the data at the Sacramento Bee


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