Hayward's Taco Meme Spurs Charges of Racism on Twitter

Let this serve as a warning to social media professionals everywhere: Puns can be downright dangerous.

On Tuesday, the City of Hayward’s official Twitter account reminded followers about an upcoming council meeting featuring discussions about the city’s new Sanctuary City designation.

Here’s how they chose to do it.



Oh no. 

It didn’t take long before Twitter followers unleashed on the city. Charges of insensitivity and outright racism were soon flooding Hayward, which issued this swift apology.



Luis Reynoso, a member of Hayward's school board and a frequent critic of the city’s handling of the sanctuary city issue, said the Twitter post proves the city is "out of control."

“They have no control over what city staff is doing, when there's so much bigotry and racism in Hayward," he told the East Bay Express.

No one can get into the minds of Hayward staffers, but the Tweet appears to have been unintentional in its offensiveness. “Let’s Taco Bout It” is a popular meme these days and the city has used the hashtag #TacoBoutItTuesday for numerous events on Tuesdays lately. Unfortunately, this council meeting happened to be about sanctuary cities. 

Dear Hayward: In the future, we recommend the “Lettuce Talk About It” meme instead. It’s impossible to get offended by lettuce.


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