Gun Pulled After Cudahy Council Meeting

The political atmosphere in Cudahy, California is tense.

Two weeks ago, City News covered a raucous city council meeting featuring a debate over Cudahy’s sanctuary city status that necessitated the presence of 32 county sheriffs. Fortunately, the officers were able to keep the peace and the rancor was limited to verbal insults.

Things took a more frightening turn after the council meeting Monday, however. A Culver City man, who had shown up with a pro-Trump group to protest the city’s policy on undocumented immigrants, was arrested for brandishing a firearm during an argument with pro-sanctuary protesters.

The incident occurred at a gas station one block from the park where the city council meeting was held. Cell phone video shows a man driving a white vehicle in the lot and flashing what appears to be a weapon as a group of young men and women taunt him.

“Oh, you got a gun?” one person yells. Others run up closer to the car, now circling in the lot, to get pictures and video of him.

Harim Uziel, a pro-Trump activist, was in the passenger’s seat of the man’s car at the time. In a Facebook Live video, Uziel said the two were escorting a group of protesters when they were approached by members of the other side. He admits the driver pulled out a gun.

“My friend here that I’m carpooling with has a concealed carry weapon, and he showed it to those guys,” Uziel said.

“We did show a gun. Oh, may the Lord protect us and keep us safe,” he added. “I got my hands up. Don’t shoot.”

The Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that the driver, 51-year-old Thomas Green, was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a firearm and booked in East L.A. He was later released, with his gun held for evidence.

Stay safe, everyone.


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