Sacramento Welcomes New Pot Boss

Sacramento has hired its first chief of cannabis policy to oversee marijuana regulation and operations in the city. Joe Devlin, 39, started his new job last week, and he’s already working on rules for marijuana delivery services. There are nearly 200 mobile services operating in Sacramento, but none of them have been permitted. That could soon change with Devlin on board.

Devlin, who most recently worked for Councilman Jay Schenirer, will also try to reduce the number of illegal grows in residential areas.

"We're going to be doing permitting, working with the police department and our code enforcement around enforcement of illegal grows and illegal manufacturing primarily taking place in residential neighborhoods while permitting and issuing licenses for what is now and will be the legal production of cannabis," Sacramento’s new pot boss explained.  

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Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 05:48

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