Meet the Lawyer Behind California’s Voting Rights Act Revolution

Kevin Shenkman’s impact on California’s political landscape will be felt for years to come.

If that name sounds familiar, it's because he’s the one who’s been suing municipalities across the state for at-large voting systems that allegedly disenfranchise Latinos and other minority voters. And in case after case, he’s won.

Shenkman’s legal challenges have resulted in dozens of cities switching to district-based voting systems, with more to follow. Just how beneficial these changes have been for Latinos seeking greater representation is a matter of debate. But Shenkman’s ability to shake up local government is without question.

The Los Angeles Times has a can’t-miss profile on the spindly 38-year-old Malibu attorney who has upended the political system as we know it. He’s a former heavyweight boxer, interestingly enough. As the Times notes, he’s also become a villain for many on the right, earning him a less than flattering write-up in Breitbart.

You can read the L.A. Times profile here