L.A. City Council Hopeful Admits to Racist Rants, Unpaid Taxes and Tinder Girls

It isn’t every day that Los Angeles’ premiere newspaper and one of its elected officials pulls an endorsement of a candidate for City Council. Then again, it isn’t every day that a council candidate admits to fat shaming, racist speech, tax evasion and extramarital affairs.

Joe Bray-Ali, who once had a promising chance to defeat incumbent District 1 Councilman Gil Cedillo, saw his campaign implode after a number of racist online postings emerged last week. Both the Los Angeles Times and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell have since rescinded their endorsements of Bray-Ali. And on Friday, he disclosed even more indiscretions on Facebook, including $48,000 in unpaid sales taxes and audit costs for his bicycle business plus trysts with Tinder girls.

Bray-Ali is practically radioactive right now, but he says it still won’t stop him from running.

“My reputation is already mud,” he confesses. “I’m just trying to give people a viable option.”

Here’s the initial story that LAist broke on the candidate’s online postings. The details are shocking. Bray-Ali claims he didn’t believe a word of what he was writing at the time, but was instead keeping tabs on all the “hatemongers” out there.


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