Vallejo City Manager Announces Retirement

Vallejo City Manager Daniel Keen will leave this fall after six years as the city’s top executive. Keen says he simply decided it was time for a new adventure—this time, outside of city government.

“I’m at a point in my career where I accomplished everything I planned,” Keen told the Times-Herald Monday.

“The city is where I hoped it to be. I thought it was a good time to think about transitioning into retirement.”

Keen previously worked for the cities of Concord, Novato, Seaside, and La Palma. He joined Vallejo at an enormously challenging time in 2012. The city, which had just emerged from Chapter 9 bankruptcy, had a revolving door of city managers. Keen was its first full-time exec in three years.

“He made it more service, people oriented, friendly, and inviting” said Mayor Bob Sampayan. “He changed the culture of City Hall from ‘no, we can’t do that,’ to ‘how can we make this work for you?’”

Sampayan added that he was saddened to see him go.

Read more about Keen’s retirement here


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