Get to Know Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon Through a Child’s Eyes

With all the negative news stories out there and the abysmal turnout year after year, it’s easy to worry about the next generation. Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon will give you hope.

Muldoon visited the Our Lady Queen of Angels School in Newport last week as part of its second-grade civics class, and the visit turned out to be both fun and informative. The children heard all about the three branches of government and American ideals like freedom, equality, and justice. Then they got to pepper the mayor with questions about running one of California’s 482 cities.

“What’s your favorite color?” one student asked. Answer: blue and black.

“Is it hard?” asked another. The mayor said it can be.

The children learned about Muldoon’s day-to-day activities, how he got started in politics, and some of the challenges he faces. One kiddo even asked if he could count on the mayor for his vote someday.

“What if we make an alliance?” Muldoon answered. “You vote for me and I vote for you later?”

“OK!” the child exclaimed. 


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