Discussion Over City Manager’s Job Performance Gets Heated in Milpitas

Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran wants City Manager Tom Williams’ job performance to be a matter of public discussion. Williams has four words for him: “Talk to my lawyer.”

Mayor Rich Tran struck some nerves at last week’s City Council meeting when he suggested the process for evaluating City Manager Tom Williams’ job performance should be discussed in public instead of a closed session.

His comments at the April 4 meeting prompted Williams to declare he may bring in his private lawyer and drew a rebuke from City Attorney Chris Diaz, who warned the mayor that any further public discussion of the matter that evening could put Milpitas in legal jeopardy.

Williams said his contract stipulates that any performance evaluations will be discussed in closed session. In accordance with the state’s open meetings law, that evaluation should be held during the next closed session on April 18, said Diaz.

As the back-and-forth continued, Diaz made it clear that he did not want to discuss the matter in an open forum.

“With all due respect to the council, I am not going to answer any more questions to the extent we are violating the Brown Act,” said Diaz.

Tran now wants an independent third party to evaluate the city manager’s job performance, reports the Milpitas Post.

Read more about the contentious meeting here.


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