Malibu Joins the Sanctuary City Movement

If you haven’t checked out our running tab of cities and counties declaring themselves “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants, be sure to do so here. As of Monday night, the seaside City of Malibu is among the growing list of municipalities passing resolutions to that effect.

Malibu adopted the resolution in a split 3-2 vote. In addition to declaring the city an official “sanctuary,” it stipulates that Malibu will not aid federal immigration enforcement officials. Councilman Rick Mullen, who opposed the measure, called it “public relations propaganda.”

This isn’t the first time the council has waded into a controversial political debate. In December, city leaders voted to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline as well. The affluent city receives less than $50,000 in federal funds per year, so it doesn’t have much to lose.

Read more about Monday’s vote here


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