Could a Plastic Straw Ban Be Coming to Huntington Beach?

Have you ever thought about the pivotal role plastic straws play in your life? Hear me out.

Your iced coffee from Starbucks? Plastic straw. That medium coke with your burger? Plastic straw. That thing you’re chewing on when your nerves have gotten the best of you and there’s no pen nearby? Plastic straw.

Unfortunately all that sipping and chewing you’re doing is terrible for the environment and now one conservation group hopes to put a stop to it in Huntington Beach.

“What most people don’t realize is that plastic lasts forever,” said Diana Lofflin of, who was recently awarded a grant from the Pollination Project. She intends to push city officials to make Huntington Beach the first plastic straw-free municipality in the country.

“Thanks to the Pollination Project, this grant will help us increase our education efforts and get more people talking about plastic pollution," Lofflin said. 

If the group is successful, the idea could easily catch on elsewhere just as the ban on plastic bags did. Dare we say, it could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.