Cities and Counties Urge Judge to Block Trump’s Order on Sanctuary Cities

Thirty-four local governments, including 18 in California, have signed an amicus brief in support of Santa Clara’s recent lawsuit over Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities. The signatories are urging a nationwide injunction against the order, calling it a “‘weapon’ to coerce cities, counties, and states into becoming de facto agents of the Executive Branch” and a violation of the Constitution’s 10th amendment.

Below is a list of the California jurisdictions which have signed the brief. You can read the entire document here.  


• Alameda

• Los Angeles

• Marin

• Monterey

• Santa Cruz

• Sonoma


• Berkeley

• East Palo Alto

• Los Angeles

• Menlo Park

• Morgan Hill

• Oakland

• Sacramento

• Salinas

• Santa Ana

• Santa Clara

• Santa Monica

• West Hollywood