San Jacinto Taps Ex-Menifee City Manager for Top Executive Role

Former Menifee City Manager Rob Johnson has a sweet new gig. The City of San Jacinto has announced Johnson as the next city manager, effective after the approval of his contract on Feb. 7. He is replacing Tim Hults, who announced his retirement last year.

"His experience, integrity, and vision for the city of San Jacinto demonstrate that he is the right person to continue to lead the city in a positive direction," Mayor Scott Miller said in a statement. "In making this appointment, the City Council wants to thank City Manager Tim Hults for his years of service and vast contributions to the community. Mr. Hults is leaving the city in a strong economic condition, with a balanced budget. The City Council wishes him well in all of his future endeavors."

Johnson stepped down from his job as Menifee City Manager on Dec. 27. As California City News reported, he was the fifth executive in eight years to do so. It still isn’t clear what prompted his resignation.

UPDATE: Johnson will take home $194,000 a year as San Jacinto’s new city manager, which is $20,000 less than Hults was taking home annually. San Jacinto City Councilman Andrew Kotyuk says cost savings were a major consideration and that the city “negotiated real hard” to strike a favorable deal with its new city manager.



Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 05:22

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