Hemet Councilman Finally Resigns

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying desperately to leave a party, but your best friend keeps convincing you to stick around? Now you know how Hemet City Councilman Paul Raver feels.

After at least two unsuccessful attempts, Raver has finally resigned from the City Council. There’s no doubt he was ready to get out. Raver tried resigning in 2015 and 2016 but says he was convinced to stay on board by supporters and colleagues.

“I’m not going to cut and bail on the citizens of Hemet,” he said several months ago. So much for that.

There will be no turning back this time. Raver’s resignation is now official.

“I’m shocked and disappointed,” Mayor Linda Krupa said. “We’ll deal with it and go forward.

The council is now looking for someone to carry out the remaining two years of Raver’s term. The city recently switched to district-based elections but when Raver won the seat, elections were still at-large. That means his replacement can live anywhere in the city. But, unless they’re in District 2, that person won’t be able to run for election in 2018.

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