Grover Beach Eyeing Industrial Marijuana Zone

Commercial marijuana businesses could soon be flocking to Grover Beach.

The city’s Planning Commission voted unanimously last week to recommend an amendment to the city code that would greenlight commercial marijuana businesses within a designated industrial area. If ultimately adopted by the City Council, it would reverse the city’s current ban on all marijuana businesses and allow entry to a number of enterprises, including marijuana dispensaries, testing laboratories, nurseries and grows, storage facilities and more.

Until 2018, all of these businesses would have to be geared specifically towards medical marijuana, per Proposition 64. Once the state licensing system is in place, recreational marijuana businesses would also be permitted. The industrial zone would be located south of Farroll Road, north of Highland Way, east of South 4th Street and west of South 13th Street.

The City Council will vote on final consideration for the amendment on Feb. 6.


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