Auburn’s City Manager Will Step Down This Year

After 28 years with the city, Auburn City Manager Charlie Duggan has finally decided to leave. He’s taking a job with the Marin Municipal Water District, where he will serve as director of administrative services and treasurer come February.

“I really wasn’t looking to leave, which is really nice,” said Duggan. “For city managers especially, it’s always nice to leave on your own terms.”

Duggan joined the city in 1989 and has held 13 different positions over the years. He was appointed to the city manager position in 2006, a year after he became assistant city manager.

“Each time I switched my careers in the city, I had to develop new skills and tools for how I did my job because it was a different environment, somewhat different people, and the old way wouldn’t work, so I had to adapt,” Duggan said. “I probably will find variety in anything I do, but there’s a lot of variety being the city manager with a full service city that does everything.”

During his tenure, Duggan helped the city face pressing financial issues head on by developing a two-year budget for the first time. He was also on board for big projects, including the overhaul of Toomer’s Corner and major renovations along Opelika Road.

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