‘Broke-Ass Stuart’ Fined by San Francisco Ethics Commission

It’s hard to believe a guy who calls himself “Broke-Ass Stuart” could be accused of misusing campaign funds, but that's exactly what happened according to the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

In a matter decided by the Ethics Commission in December, San Francisco media personality Broke-Ass Stuart (whose real name is Stuart Schuffman) will be fined $2,552 for a violation of the San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code that was committed during his 2015 run for Mayor. True to his moniker, he'll pay the fine in installments.

Schuffman—or Broke-Ass, if you prefer—ran a protest campaign against Ed Lee along with three other candidates and received 9.6 percent of the vote. But during his run, he apparently also paid to produce a video for the Yes on Proposition F campaign, calling for stricter rules on Airbnb. It wasn’t out of maliciousness, Broke-Ass says. He was just ignorant of the rules.


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