Michael Tubbs Lands President Obama’s Endorsement in Stockton Mayor's Race

Stockton mayoral challenger Michael Tubbs won an endorsement from the most powerful man in the world on Wednesday—a watershed moment in Stockton political history.

“I am proud to endorse Michael Tubbs in his bid to become Stockton’s next Mayor,” President Barack Obama said in a statement sent out by the city councilman’s campaign. “Michael’s service as a Councilmember illustrates that he understands the need for every Stocktonian to have safer neighborhoods, stronger schools, and a voice in the political process. His story is the American story, and Michael will work tirelessly to ensure that Stockton reaches its full potential.”

A presidential endorsement is a rarity in Stockton city politics. In fact, it is unclear if it has ever happened before today. Tubbs called it an “absolute honor.” It’s also a political gift, coming less than a week before he faces off against embattled sitting mayor Anthony Silva at the polls.

In many ways, Tubbs’ personal story mirrors that of President Obama. The councilman was raised by a single mother in South Stockton. After graduating from Franklin High School, he went on to attend Stanford University. He also completed a four-month internship at the White House in 2010.

If Tubbs wins, he will become Stockton’s first black mayor, as well as its youngest mayor ever.

Mayor Silva, meanwhile, seems to be feeling the heat. In a bizarre Facebook post Tuesday night, the mayor posted the names and addresses of some of his political opponents, calling them a "cancer" in the City of Stockton. Silva has blamed campaign staffers for the since-deleted post.