Video: Claremont Mayor Recommends Showering with a Friend, Plus Other Vids

Mayor Cory Calaycay just became our new favorite mayor.

Claremont and 21 other California cities are duking it out in the CoolCalifornia Challenge. In what might amount to the most underappreciated marketing campaign to date, Energy Upgrade California has somehow gotten a dozen electeds from the cities taking part to star in quick videos pitching their city.

Our favorites are below.

Claremont Mayor Corey Calaycay had us spitting our coffee all over our desk with his delivery.

Larkspur Vice Mayor Kevin Haroff offered to personally come help watch your kids.

Richmond’s Mayor Tom Butt answered our prayers with his suggestion.

Terry Nagel, Burlingame’s Mayor, knocks it out of the park with her creative swivel chair use.

The rest of the CoolCalifornia Challenge videos can be found here.

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