City of Riverside Develops New Project Management Software Called ‘The Hive’

Sadly, it has little to do with actual bees.

What The Hive is good for though, is providing comprehensive, real-time data on the state of a city project. This data ranges from time tables to staff assigned to other projects within a certain department.

Combine that with automated communications that include status updates and it sounds like you have a pretty solid platform for Riverside and their stakeholders.

Lea Deesing is Riverside’s Chief Innovation Officer, she described that a desire to improve the city’s IT governance is what spurred the creation of The Hive. Now? She seems pretty happy with it, saying, “In my 30 years in IT, I have never been so happy and excited about a project. Riverside is a model for executive teamwork, and The Hive is a tool that has taken that teamwork to the next level. I’m looking forward to helping increase the culture and maturity level of project management processes within the city and to other interested government agencies.”

Riverside has seen over a half dozen departments adopt The Hive including public utilities, public works, fire, economic development, human resources and marketing.

We are still stuck on how great the name is, well done Riverside.

More details on The Hive can be found here.