Richmond City Council Tackles Aerial Mind Control

The Richmond City Council took a break from conventional items last week to address the all-important issue of… mind control?

In a 5-2 vote Tuesday, the council passed a resolution supporting the Space Preservation Act and Space Preservation Treaty, which calls for the preservation of the “cooperative, peaceful uses of space” and would have permanently banned the use of “space-based weapons” including chemtrails—chemical and biological agents allegedly being sprayed on populations via aircraft for top-secret purposes. The vote followed a lengthy discussion over whether residents are being physically and psychologically targeted by sophisticated aerial weaponry at the hands of malevolent government officials.

The legislation, first introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich in 2001, never got off the ground in congress. But that hasn’t stopped municipalities from embracing it. Thirteen years ago, the City of Berkeley supported a similar resolution. And, last year, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted to investigate the possible use of chemtrails in the North State.

Tuesday’s resolution was introduced by Council Member Jovanka Beckles, a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance. She says “remote transmission” from space-based weaponry is a very real concern for many Richmond residents and deserved to be addressed.

Some of the council members appeared puzzled by the entire discussion. Mayor Tom Butt, who cast one of the two dissenting votes, said the subject was over his head and questioned the wisdom of taking up such an unusual issue. Council Member Nat Bates voted yes “for the simple reason that we have voted on a lot of dumb ideas.”

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