New plan calls for homeowners to foot bill to fix LA sidewalks

Report recommends property owners pay to fix LA sidewalks


A controversial new report has located a potential source of revenue to fix the city’s broken sidewalks – homeowners.


A new city plan proposes making homeowners and business owners responsible for fixing hundreds of miles of tree-damaged walkways.


The new proposal comes just one month after the city of Los Angeles agreed to spend $1.4 billion to settle an Americans with Disabilities lawsuit over poor the condition of sidewalks.


KPCC reports, “Part of the settlement requires the city to come up with a coherent strategy for fixing sidewalks that includes sharing responsibility with the adjacent property owners.


“The proposal, from City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana, would gradually reverse a policy from 1973, when the city accepted responsibility for sidewalk repairs in exchange for a $2 million federal grant.


Since then, the backlog of repairs along Los Angeles's 11,000 miles of sidewalks has mounted - by some estimates, to more than $1.5 billion. The city doesn't know how big the problem is because officials declined to spend $10 million on an inventory project a couple of  years ago.”


The plan does not call for citywide bonds or assessment districts. It says those would take too much time, and voters would be unlikely to support them.



Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 10:03

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