Local governments urged to protect public health

In the wake of the Measles outbreaks that have plagued California over the last several months, the Legislature is pursuing measures designed to address the statewide vaccination problem and significantly reduce the risks posed by preventable diseases.

Health organizations from across the state are rallying around one bill in particular - Senate Bill 277. Authored by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), this bill would significantly reduce the risk of infection to the community at large, which in turn protects residents with compromised immunity systems or infants who are too young to receive vaccinations. 

Already, dozens of counties, cities and school districts have publicly endorsed "I Heart Immunity" and Senate Bill 277. The coalition, which was jointly created by the California Medical Association (CMA), American Academy of Pediatrics, CA, California Immunization Coalition, Vaccinate California and Health Officers Association of California, has already gained the support of statewide local government organizations including the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) and the California School Boards Association (CSBA). 

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