Davis regulates fast food in effort to reduce obesity

The city of Davis has taken to regulating fast-food restaurants in an effort to target childhood obesity.

Under a new measure passed by the Davis city council, milk or water will be the default drink in any kids meal ordered within city limits. Soda or juice will only be offered in parents explicitly request it.

The rule, which was passed unanimously this week, would go into effect on Sept. 1.

“A health expert said that one-fourth of Davis' children are obese or overweight.

"One of the largest contributors to childhood obesity is soda consumption," said Charlotte Dixon, the senior policy director for the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, which supports the ordinance.

Matthew Sutton, a spokesman for the California Restaurant Association, said that the ordinance is an overstep by Davis.

"We believe this approach is an overreach of government and is an overly simplistic tactic to address the complexities of childhood obesity," Sutton said in a statement.