Los Angeles to host economic summit on rebuilding cities

Secretary of State Alex Padilla will headline the 2015 Social Innovation Summit in Los Angeles, focused on bringing together people from different sectors to help reimagine and rebuild America’s cities.

The Summit, hosted by Working Californians, will also include leaders from academia, and the tech and business sectors. Former Trade Secretary Mickey Cantor is also scheduled to speak.

The two-day summit begins Saturday, April 11 at Los Angeles Trade Technical College in Downtown Los Angeles.

Working Californians is a not-for-profit research and advocacy organization made up of a diverse coalition of labor groups, community leaders and policy makers

From the event organizers: “Too often, rebuilding America’s cities is a euphemism for driving poor people out of city limits. As restaurants, coffee shops, tech companies and yoga studios move in, longtime residents and poor people are often driven out, creating a culture of segregation that is unhealthy and unsustainable.

By working together, we believe we can do better.  That’s why Working Californians is gathering leaders from government, technology, business and academia – to share ideas and create a shared vision for our collective future during its Second Annual Social Innovation Summit

The challenge of revitalizing America’s cities is taking on new dimensions in the 21st Century. Today’s cities must cater to growing and increasingly diverse populations, while being sensitive to energy consumption and use of other natural resources.

In California, new laws requiring use of renewable energy and ambitious new environmental goals will impact everything from transit to construction. But amidst this new paradigm, policy makers and business leaders alike are wrestling with how to maintain economic, ethnic and racial diversity in our cities while retrofitting  and updating them to meet today’s needs and today’s population.

With good jobs still at a premium, even amidst a broad economic recovery, public and private investment in our cities will be key to putting California and America back to work.

But it will take more than just brawn to get our cities back on track. Unprecedented partnerships between the public and private sectors, and new types of innovation in everything from urban planning to structural engineering will be needed to set us on a prosperous and sustainable course for the 21st Century. The government, technology and business sectors must work together to create a long-term plan for the future of our urban centers.

More than ever, we need to come together to share ideas across many different sectors about how to rebuild our state and our country to ensure vibrant and dynamic cities for our future.

That is what the Second Annual Working Californians Summit will do over two days in Los Angeles this week. Leaders from around the state and across the country will come together to share ideas, and listen as we work on forging the cities of our future together.

For more information on the summit and how you can attend, click here.



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