Carlsbad City Manager Leaves After One Year

It seems Carlsbad City Manager Steven R. Sarkozy’s latest gig was destined to be as short-lived as his predecessor’s. In a statement last week, he and the city council announced the end of their employment contract after just one year of service.

“Steve is one of the top city managers in the nation, with vast experience and a stellar track record,” said Mayor Matt Hall. “Sometimes you can have all the right pieces, and just not the right fit. We are grateful for Steve’s efforts and wish him the best.”

Sarkozy was hired in 2011 after a nationwide search. He had previously served as city manager in Bellevue, Washington; Roseville, MN; and Geneva, NY. His departure, effective April 24, makes him the third city manager to step down in the past three years. The city’s last permanent city manager, John Coates, also left after just a year.

According to Council Member Keith Blackburn, the constant turnover has made the council’s job more difficult.

“We’re trying to fix that,” he added. “We need stability.”

Assistant City Manager Kathy Dodson is at the helm until a permanent replacement can be found.

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