Beverly Hills Approves New Water Restrictions

Beverly Hills residents and business owners may be known for their deep pockets, but they’ll soon be reaching even deeper if they don’t cut their water use—fast.

The Beverly Hills City Council approved a set of new water regulations Tuesday, and those who violate them could face fines of up to $1,000. The new restrictions include limiting lawn watering to two days per week and prohibiting the draining and refilling of swimming pools. In addition, residents will be banned from washing cars outside their homes and restaurants will only be allowed to serve water upon request.

The new rules came amid stark criticism of the city, which has proven to be one of the state’s most excessive water users. State regulators recently ordered Beverly Hills to reduce its water usage by 36% or face hefty fines.

"We have these large properties and we're known as a garden city," said Beverly Hills spokeswoman Therese Kosterman. "One of our challenges is to redefine what garden city should look like and we're hoping that the measures the city council adopts today will get us moving in the right direction."

The council is expected to formally pass the requirements on May 5.

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