American Canyon City Council Votes to Ban New Lawns

As localities across the state scramble to comply with the governor’s new water conservation order, one city in Napa County is poised to do away with new front lawns.

Under the Water Efficient Landscaping Ordinance, adopted by the American Canyon City Council, new lawns are to be prohibited in front and back yards of all new developments. While the ordinance does not affect existing homes, it mandates that all new developments use drought-resistant landscaping, rather than grass or natural turf.

The ordinance was developed and recommended by the city’s planning commission.

“We need to address water in some fashion,” said Planning Commission Chairman Eric Altman. “I know we’re taking steps. But we must as a city come up with a reasonable solution for the water problem we have. We are one of the most at-risk communities if this drought continues.”

The city, which lacks a reservoir, has seen its state water allocation cut by 5 percent of its maximum.

On April 21, the American Canyon City Council will hold a special meeting with a blue ribbon committee on water resources to further discuss the city’s water issues.

Read more about the new ordinance here.