Sacramento city council to vote on plastic ban ban tonight


Sacramento is poised to pass a new ban on plastic bags that mirrors the state law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year.

The statewide ban was set to go into effect this summer, but plastic bag makers gathered enough signatures to place a referendum on the bag ban on the November 2016 ballot.

By qualifying the measure for the ballot, the law has been effectively put on hold until voters have their say.

It is unclear whether the bag makers will actually fund a campaign next year, given the bag ban’s strong support in statewide public opinion polls. More than 100 local jurisdictions in California have already banned the disposable plastic bags.

Supporters of a statewide ban say it is good environmental policy, and also makes it easier for businesses to have one statewide rule instead of dozens of local ordinances.

The bag ban in Sacramento backed by Mayor Kevin Johnson, is a mirror of the state legislation, and a way to usher in the new rule in one of the state’s largest cities, despite the referendum dispute.

The citywide ban was endorsed by the Sacramento Bee editorial board earlier this week.

Plastic bag companies may have won a battle, but they’re losing the war in California. That much will likely – and should – become clear once again Tuesday night when the City Council considers a ban on single-use plastic bags for Sacramento.