ecoATM Continues to Outpace Industry Competitors

ecoATM has reached a number of industry milestones over the last year. California City News reported earlier this month that the San Diego based company had successfully collected 4 million electronic devices nationally. However, it’s worth noting that this accomplishment came just six months after the company surpassed 3 million automated recycling kiosks – and ecoATM shows no signs of slowing.

Of the 42 states that have ecoATM kiosks, California has the 3rd most number of kiosks operating within state limits, falling just behind Texas and Ohio. Close to a quarter of California’s cities operate kiosks in their community. 

This is particularly crucial, considering that most devices are utilized by an individual for a far shorter time than its actual lifecycle. Kate Pearce, head of mobility research and senior strategist at Texas-based Compass Intelligence, says that nearly 425 million mobile devices will be idle or inactive by the end of the year, and less than a quarter of those will be recycled. ecoATM’s incentive-based recycling program offers a mutually beneficial means of extending devices’ lifecycle and properly disposing and recycling material. 

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