Sriracha Factory No Longer Considered Public Nuisance in Irwindale

The Irwindale City Council voted Wednesday to drop its public nuisance declaration and lawsuit against Sriracha hot sauce maker Huy Fong Foods, effectively ending the seven-month dispute and solidifying Sriracha’s presence in the city.

The unanimous vote came one day after an informal meeting between city officials and company CEO David Tran.  

"We forged a relationship," said City Council Member Julian Miranda. "Let's keep that going." 

Bob Machuca of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. praised the resolution, saying it sends a message that California is still “open for business.”

The feud between Irwindale and Huy Fong Foods began last fall after residents complained about the smells emanating from the plant.  Faced with a lawsuit and public nuisance declaration, the company’s CEO said he would consider moving the plant outside of California, and numerous states lined up to court the company.  With Wednesday’s resolution, the factory will almost certainly remain in the City of Irwindale. Tran has installed stronger filters for the plant which he says will significantly temper the smell.

Read more about Wednesday’s vote here.


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