Mountain View Looking into Banning High-Capacity Magazines

After the city of Sunnyvale passed a restriction on residents possessing high-capacity magazines, the city of Mountain View recently asked the city attorney to provide the council with more information on Sunnyvale's approach to the ban.

The city council agreed on Tuesday they wanted City Attorney Jannie Quinn to prepare a memo on the measure passed in Sunnyvale last year. Council member Mike Kasperzak said that though he’s not prepared to put anything on a ballot currently, he would appreciate more information on the council’s options.

The idea was first brought up by Mountain View mayor and former state Assembly Member Sally Lieber, who urged the council to look into banning high-capacity magazines or put the question to voters in the fall. Lieber is also the coauthor of a bill that made .50-caliber rifles illegal to own in California.

Lieber pointed to recent shootings, including the one that occurred recently at UC Santa Barbara, as a reason for Mountain View to follow Sunnyvale’s lead in tighter gun restrictions. Lieber said that the overwhelming response from those affected by the issue has not been for sympathy, but instead for action in preventing such an event from happening again.

Read more about the possible ban here.


Rev & Tax

Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 05:22

Cities like Fresno and Ontario have been courting online retail giants with generous sales-tax rebate programs that return as much as 50 to 80% of the tax to the retailers.