City Trivia Tuesday: How Did Agoura Hills Get its Name?

Agoura Hills was incorporated relatively recently, becoming Los Angeles County’s 83rd city in December of 1982. But, that doesn’t mean Agoura Hills hasn’t had a rich history prior to its incorporation. In the 19th century, the area was part of 16,880-acre sheep ranch, which was owned by a French fellow by the name of Pierre Agoure, who had a reputation as a successful sheep herder who styled his farm and his persona after a Mexican rancher, renaming himself Don Pierre Agoure.

Once Agoure passed, the area was briefly called Independence Acres in the 1920s. Later, it was also known as Picture City because many movie studios built back lots in the region.

But, in 1927, the region needed to build a post office, and residents were tasked with picking an official name. They ended up picking the name “Agoura Hills,” inspired by Pierre Agoure. 

You might notice that our friend Pierre’s name has somehow been changed from Agoure to Agoura. What happened? While some argue that the name was changed to make it easier to pronounce, postal officials have explained that the true reason for the discrepancy is a typo. When the residents submitted names for consideration, the resident that proposed “Agoura” either spelled the name wrong, or it was somehow misread.

Either way, officials say that Agoura Hills came to be thanks to a typo, which only adds to its unique and interesting history.


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