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State Controller Releases List of Highest Paid City Employees in 2012

State Controller John Chiang this week released a list of the top 10 highest paid city jobs in California in 2012, and City Managers dominated the list. 

Post-Bell scandal, maybe this isn’t surprising. 

With More Sound City Finances, Monterey Park Ends Furlough

Two years ago, some of the Monterey Park staff agreed to take a pay cut, and later agreed to go to 36-hour work weeks (instead of 40). Drastic times call for drastic measures. But as things started looking up for the Los Angeles county city, employees started to wonder why they weren’t getting more. 

Fast-Food Workers Stage Walkout In 100 Cities Across The Nation

Those looking for an afternoon fast-food fix might find the wait a little longer today.

Fast-food workers across 100 cities in the nation are set to walk off the job, potentially marking the largest worker demonstration in the industry’s history. California cities affected by the walkout include Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

A Summary on Gift Reporting

As 2013 rapidly comes to an end (how is it already December?), many of you are likely looking to wrap up the books and ensure all reporting requirements have been met. Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP, has put together an excellent summary of Political Reform Act gift reporting requirements just in time for the season.

"Gift" Defined (Gov't Code section 82028(a)):

Judge Declares Detroit Eligible for Bankruptcy

In news that may set a precedent for cities across the nation, including Stockton and San Bernardino, a judge has ruled Detroit is eligible to reorganize under bankruptcy. The Michigan city that became the largest municipality to declare bankruptcy earlier this year cannot provide a minimum level of basic services or pay its debt, according to a judge, and will therefore be permitted to restructure.

Loomis Official Accused of Illegal “Double Dipping”

Loomis Fire Chief and Mayor Pro-Tem Dave Wheeler is no stranger to controversy. His dual role as both a council member and head of the Loomis Fire Protection District has been criticized by some, including Loomis Planning Commissioner Janet Thew and activist William Branch who, in May, asked the California Attorney General to remove him from the council due to potential conflicts of interest

California State Lands Commission Investigating Possible Misuses Of Funds By Morro Bay

The California State Lands Commission is conducting an investigation into potential misuse of funds by the City of Morro Bay.

Morro Bay receives about $800,000 per year from the energy firm Dynegy, which owns the Morro Bay Power Plant. The money comes from the leasing of tidelands through which the firm pipes water to the cool the plant. 

Facing Budget Deficit, Desert Hot Springs Considers Bankruptcy

With the city facing a $3.37 million budget deficit, Desert Hot Spring city council members will meet tonight to look at their options—possibly including bankruptcy.

Mayor Yvonne Parks said she was “blindsided” by the financial crisis the city of 26,000 is in. According to a report by the Interim Director of Finance and Administration, Amy Aguer, the city is projected to run out of General Fund Cash by March 31, 2014

Citizens Woefully Uneducated on City Finances

Last Tuesday, dozens of cities around the state put tax measures on the ballot and hundreds of voters weighed in on whether or not to raise local taxes to support municipal services. 

But do residents even know what their city controls—and doesn’t—with those funds?

The Center for California Studies and the Institute for Social Research at Sacramento State released a survey detailing just Californians’ attitudes toward local government, as well as their understanding of local finances. 

Several Cities, Special Districts Fail to File Financial Reports

As the state government continues to ratchet up transparency and financial reporting requirements for local governments, a handful of cities and a larger number of special districts have been delinquent in reporting mandated information.

Post Bell-era reforms require more transparency as a means to provide more public scrutiny of public funds overseen through State Controller John Chiang's office. Financial data -- including key salary information for city employees -- is then posted online. 

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