Murrieta Employee Accused of Embezzlement on Paid Administrative Leave

A Murrieta woman who was accused of stealing over $20,000 from a city employees' union has recently been released on bail, and is currently on paid administrative leave from her position with the city. The employee, Yolanda Huerta, served as the treasurer and secretary of the Murrieta General Employees' Association from November 2011 to December 2013. The organization contacted the police in February about the possibility of embezzlement, and Huerta was subsequently arrested on Thursday on suspicion of embezzlement and grand theft charges following a weeks-long investigation.

The press has reported that Huerta has worked for Murrieta as a development services technician in the building safety department since 2002. She was arrested on March 13th and posted a $22,000 bail bond the same day. 

Murrieta’s Assistant City Manager, Jim Holston, told reporters that Huerta was placed on paid administrative lead when the city learned about the police investigation surrounding her alleged actions with the General Employees' Association. He also stated that the law dictates she receives compensation during her leave. 

Read more about the employee here.

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