LA Considers Energy Drink Ban for Minors

A Los Angeles committee, prompted by Council Member Bernard Parks, is looking into the possibility of banning minors from purchasing energy drinks. Some are comparing Parks’ proposal to New York Mayors Mike Bloomberg’s controversial decision to ban oversized soft drinks from city restaurants.

Parks’ committee requested a study that would investigate whether the city is able to require stores to post signs to warn customers of energy drink dangers. City officials also discussed banning energy drinks for all city employees when on duty. Sanitation workers, firefighters, and police, would be among those who were banned from consuming anything labeled as an “energy drink.”

Studies show that those that consume energy drinks can become dehydrated, which could prove dangerous for fire-fighters, or any other city worker that engages in physical activity for their job. Experts also warn of impaired judgment in those that have consumed high amounts of caffeine, making council members wary of any police officers who regularly consume such drinks.

The Los Angeles Police Department is expected to lead the ban effort. They will give a final report on energy drinks and their possible health detriments at the end of the month.

Though energy drinks have not been regulated by any other U.S. city, San Francisco has sued Monster Beverage Corporation. They claimed that the company targeted minors despite potential health risks.  If L.A. moves forward with the ban, they could set a precedent for other cities to follow suit.

Read more on the proposed ban here.

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