Fourth Commerce City Council Member Ensnared In Recall Push

Commerce City Council Member Denise Robles has become the latest in a number of city officials facing recall campaigns.  

Robles received the petition seeking her removal Tuesday. Three other council members—Tina Baca Del Rio, Ivan Altamirano, and Lilia Leon—previously received petitions. 

Recall proponents have accused Baca Del Rio, Altamirano, and Leon of failing to disclose the names of donors and the amounts of money received during their past campaigns, as required by law. The petitions further state that the three “cannot be trusted to be fair and independent or to protect the interests of Commerce residents.” 

The allegations contained in the petition against Robles were far more personal and cutting, with complaints that the council member has been housing a registered sex offender in her home. 

“Although she is a councilmember, she believes that it is none of our business if she allows sex offenders to live in our city,” the recall papers state. 

Recall proponents also claim that Robles used a city car without permission and have accused her of threatening and harassing fellow council members. 

Robles fought back against the accusations on Wednesday.

“This entire recall against me is nothing more than political retaliation because I am standing up against corrupt politicians here in Commerce,” Robles said. 

Robles also addressed the peculiar attack surrounding a live-in sex offender, saying a distant family member, who is listed on the California Megan’s List Registry, did live on a family-owned property at one time. Robles, however, said she and her husband soon broke off contact with that part of the family and that the individual in question no longer lives there. 

So far, Commerce Mayor Joe Aguilar is the only official not facing recall in the city. 

Read more about the recall campaigns here


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